If the occasion calls for extra virgin olive oil…just give it a splash of Hau Plains Olive Oil.

The hand picked olives used in this superb oil are grown on a family owned, well-managed olive grove located on the Hau Plains, Motueka.
The tree-ripened olives are locally pressed.

They have three different varieties of unfiltered extra virgin olive oil available:

Barnea, Picual and Picholine

Looking after Olive Oil:

Store in a cool, dark place. Avoid too much light and do not place in a refrigerator. Should a white precipitate appear at the bottom of the bottle, which can be caused by storing below 10deg C, warm it up. Avoid shaking the bottle and reseal after use.

Olive Oil Use:

  • as a dressing by coating fresh salad leaves
  • dipping tender spring vegetables
  • pouring on bread
  • as a meat/fish sauce (with lemon juice 1:4 ratio)
  • with a pasta sauce
  • as a marinade base
  • in frying
  • in baking
  • with pickles or table olives